Water Softening Systems


Water is Life. It nourishes life but it can disturb it too. When water is soft at heart, it fills life with freshness. But when water becomes hard, everyday simple household work becomes a nightmare. When water becomes hard, it is harsh on the skin, hair, tough on clothes and nasty on pipes and fittings. Furthermore, it causes wastage of soap and detergents and increases monthly household budget. Water Softener offered provides for optimum performance support and provide for optimum water softening and hardness removal support. High efficiency,Easy installation,User friendly these are the features of softner. Further, it comes with water filter using food grade strong acid cation Ion exchange resin so as to ensure safe water supply that is fit for drinking and domestic/household water consumption.

Model SVM3000 SVM6000 SVM9000 SVM14000 SVM20000
Vessel Diameter (mm) 330 400 500 610 760
Vessel Height (mm) 1400 1680 1800 1830 1830
Max Flow Rate (M3/Hr) 3 6 9 14 20
NaCI per Regeneration (Kg) 16 28 48 72 96
Output (M3), on 200ppm Hardness 28 50 84 130 180
Resin Quantity (Liters) 100 175 300 450 600
Coarse Media (Kg) 0 0 40 50 70
Brine Tank Capacity (Litres) 100 150 225 400 500
Regeneration Valve Location TOP TOP/SIDE TOP/SIDE SIDE SIDE