Solar Telecom Solutions

Solar Telecom Solutions are ideal for powering remote telecom applications where there is unreliable or limited grid supply. Our solutions ensure reliable, onsite power supply for operating base terminal stations, microwave repeater stations, satellite radio and telemetry systems, while being economically viable.Our customized telecom solutions are ideal for powering tower sites and reducing dependence on fuel hungry diesel gensets.


Accurate dimension.

Long functional life.



Less Environmental and Noise Pollution

carbon credits by converting to renewable energy hybrid systems

The central government has accepted TRAI’s recommendations and directions

Expansion into Rural Areas

Everyone in the Telecom Business is Going Solar


The average space requirement of 10 square metres for a 1kWp panel12 limits the scope of deployment.

The two types of applications deployed at telecom tower sites are stand-alone and hybrid solar photovoltaic.

Enabling distributed power generation and emision-free operation makes solar photovoltaic technology a desired option for backup power