SVM Zing EVT Solar Water Heaters

Zing EVT Solar Water Heaters in Bangalore

Extensive years of industry experience and marketing understanding, we offer an efficient gamut of Zing EVT Water Heaters series that ensures longevity due to triple layered vacuum tubes. Alternate to conventional energy source of consumption and heating methods such as geysers, induction, and fuel-fed-boilers, we provide an environment friendly for heating water, heaters that are highly suitable for optimal heating temperature range of 60 to 65 degrees.

The Zing EVT Solar Water Heaters are available in range of 100 litres (capacity of 2 to 3 members) to 1000 litres (12 to 24 members) in one day. Below are different capacities of litres:






*LPD (Litres Per Day capacities)

Applications - Zing EVT Solar Water Heater




Dis Washing


Car Washing

Pool Heating


Component Washing

Auto Industry

Pharma Industry

Chemical Industry

Textile Industry


Food Processing

Dairy Industry

Pre-Heat Boiler Water

Paint Industry

Product Features and Specifications - Zing EVT Solar Water Heater

 Sturdy designs

 Low or negligible maintenance

 Ceramic lined tank

 Hot water of upto 65 degrees

 PUC insulation

 Triple layered vacuum

 Highly suitable for hard water

 Ultraviolet protection

 Hard water tolerance

 Corrosion resistant tanks for long lasting durability

 Option of providing electrical backup with extra costs

 Polyester powder coated structure

The Zing EVT Water Heaters can save energy and bringing down the electricity bills. The models are available with 5 years of warranty


Efficient, Elegant and Environment friendly

Suitable for Hard Water

Weather resistant frame

Unbeatable Quality


Adapted for Indian customers

Cost effective and user friendly

Daily hot water upto 65oC

5 Years Warranty

Get the promise of quality for your Home, Get SVM.


Higher Energy Absorption

Triple Layer Evacuated Tube Collector

GI With Special Anti 480 microns

Superior heat retention of Vacuum Tubes