SVM Heat Pump

Solar Water Heaters in Bangalore

Top products of solar water heaters are offered at Solar SV, the company which manufacture and supplies premium products of all models of solar water. Our solar water heater contains a wide range of series use for various domestic and commercial applications according to variant specifications that are well-suited for specific purposes.

Solar SV marketing is a top Solar Water Heater Manufactures in Bangalore. We are highly equipped in delivering precise Solar Water Heater System, tested according to the quality standards, which stands high durability and long lasting coated with supreme quality of PUF installation and high-efficiency. Our solar water heater products are suitable of high temperature requirements and withstands hard water. Solar SV marketing provides wide range of Solar Zing water heaters that are suitable for common place pressurized applications with hard water tolerance requirements. A unique designed featuring low-maintenance water heating system that helps in saving considerable energy without switching on the geysers to consume hot water for bathroom, kitchen, or any other usages.

Solar SV is one of the best and top Solar Water Heater Manufactures in Bangalore selling the most trusted brands. We manufacture products like FPC & EVT as per the industry standards, latest technology with efficiently design for energy emission, which are highly appreciated by customers to give 100% satisfaction. Our solar water heater products, which comprises of different models and series are widely used in various applications, whether for an individual house or a multistory high rise apartment or hotels. Our solar water heater manufactures in Bangalore always believe in selling precisely tested and a high-grade assortment of solar water heater system which enhances specialized features such as easy to install, efficient functionality, hassle free maintenance, superior performance, and longer life duration with 5 years of warranty. Our prices are competitive in the solar water industry when compared to other manufacturing hubs.


Non-stick 2 mm inner tank with ceramic lining

Sacrificial anode protection

High-transmissivity triple-layered clog and choke free collector tubes

UV resistant polyester powder coated steel structure.


Corrosion resistant tank ensures long life

Overnight temperature drop less than 3oC

Daily hot water upto 65oC

Save upto 9,700 per year*


152 litres ceramic lined steel tank

2.6m 2 evacuated tube collector

Polyester powder coated steel structure