Rural Electrification Solutions

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Rural electrification solutions is the process of bringing electrical power to rural and remote areas. In areas facing labor shortages, this allows for greater productivity at reduced cost.This provides immense opportunities for NGOs and private organisations alike to work towards rural electrification. The incentives offered by the govt. for these rural projects.
Many experts have suggested that solar power in India will reach grid parity much before the grid is enlarged into rural areas. Therefore, solar will be in a stage to deliver power at a reasonable price.Provide 24×7 highly reliable power supply with no fluctuations thus not only lighting them but also powering the agriculture demand.


High performance

Most reasonable prices



Lighting benefits

Education and communication

Health and hygien

Environmental benefits

Time use

Productive uses


Locally generated renewable energy is an alternative technology

Electricity distribution systems for rural electrification is single wire earth return

Telephone and internet service may become available with rural electrification.

Most of these systems provide electricity for lighting and some small appliances (radio, TV).