Solar Power Generators

A solar powered generator captures energy from the sun through solar panels or cells and stores the juice in self contained batteries. They can also be charged entirely or supplementary by a residential wind turbine and by connecting them to a standard AC (alternating current) wall socket. A car charger is also an option with most units. The flexibility in power recharging sources can help insure that the owner will have emergency (or day to day, for those off grid) power when needed or desired.


PCU, in case of the Hybrid System, is programmed to give preference to Solar Power and uses AC Mains/Diesel Power only when the Solar Power/Battery Charge is insufficient to meet the load requirement

Battery Bank shall be discharged up to 80% DOD (Depth of Discharge) at the end of autonomy

PCU, in case of the Hybrid System, has in-built safety features for short- circuit, reverse polarity, low battery voltage and overload


Solar power is clean energy with little environmental impact

Does not release air pollutants or noise while it is being generated

The distance between the point where the energy is generated and consumed is therefore short and keeps power loss minimal during supply

It benefits from an infinite source of energy


Multiple configurations (36, 48 and 72 cells)

Multiple wattages (10 to 255Wp)

Mono and multi-crystalline cells (125mm and 156mm)

IV curve and specifications available for all products

Digital Display of Voltage & Charge Status

DC, AC outlets and USB ports