Solar Water Heating

A Solar Water Heating System is a device that heats water using Solar Energy. Like a geyser, the Solar Water Heating System too, gives you hot water at the turn of a tap. But while the geyser uses expensive electricity, a Solar Water Heating System utilizesenergy that is free and available in abundance: Solar Energy!
Simple. The suns rays fall on the Collectors, which collect the rays and convert them into heat energy. The solar heat energy thus collected is used to heat the water passing through the pipes of the collector. The water is then stored in insulated Stainless Steel Tanks and from there, distributed through pipes to the required usage points.
Solar Water Heating Systems, you will find, make great sense both economically and ecologically. Powered as they are, by the Sun, Solar Water Heating Systems save you a significant amount on your electricity bills, month after month. In fact, these savings, over a period of time, pay for the one time investment of the Solar Water Heating System, after which the hot water comes to you absolutely FREE! You need have no worries about rising electricity tariffs unlike the owners of power-hungry geysers!Not only is Solar Energy free, it is forever! Add to this the durability of a Solar Water Heating System from Tata BP Solar andyou have hassle-free hot water for years!Solar energy is clean, non-polluting energy. So while you enjoy a hot water bath, you can enjoy the warmth of knowing that youare doing your bit to help make the world a better and healthier place for future generations.
Solar Water Heating Systems work as long as the sun shines! In a country like India that is almost all through the year! To bemore specific, a good Solar Water Heating System works for more than 300 days in a year! A Solar Water Heating System workseven on partially cloudy days and during winter too. Solar Water Heating Systems from Tata BP Solar come with electrical backup for just such eventualities!
Not at all. Solar Water Heating Systems from Tata BP Solar are simple to install. In fact, they require minimum external piping.
Solar Water Heating Systems from Tata BP Solar hardly require any maintenance. There are no moving parts. All the componentsused are of the highest quality and every minute detail is taken care of, so that when you buy a Solar Water Heating System fromTata BP Solar you enjoy peace-of-mind for years!
Being a 100% Solar Company, Tata BP Solar has focused its resources to design and develop Solar Water Heating Systems thatcan make optimum use of Solar Energy, whatever the season.Our Solar Water Heating Systems are BIS Certified and the Water Heater & Collector Design is registered with the Patent Office(Patent Reg. No. 175094 and 175095, respectively).Quality is a prime concern at this ISO 9001 Company. Carefully thought-out Quality Processes and extensive Quality Checksensure that every Solar Water Heating System that goes out of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, is the best of its kind.Yes, Solar Water Heating Systems from Tata BP Solar give you full value for your money!
The largest Solar Company in India, Tata BP Solar has a nation-wide Sales & Service Support Network.

Solar Power

Solar Power is the energy of the sun, converted into eco-friendly electricity, which can then meet your daily ‘power’ requirements.
Sunlight is converted into Direct Current (DC) Electricity by a Solar Module. The electricity produced by the Solar Module is suitable for charging 12 Volt Batteries.
A Solar Module is made of silicon cells, connected electrically. These are placed between layers of protective material. This “sandwich” is then heat laminated to a protective glass sheet. An anodized aluminium frame surrounds this glass. Solar Modules come in various power ratings, which is measured in watts. Tata BP Solar has a comprehensive range of Solar Modules from 2 Watts right up to 160 Watts! These are manufactured to international standards and approved by MNES and other reputed Agencies/Departments.
A basic Solar System comprises the following: 1) A Solar Module to convert sunlight into DC Electricity 2) A Battery where the Electricity is stored and then used to power your DC Lights and Appliances 3) A Regulator to control the amount of charge going into the Battery from the Solar Module and also to prevent the Battery from overcharging Your Load - which is the typical electricity demand of all your lights, fans, etc. The load is measured in kilowatt hours per day or ampere hours per day.

Tata Power Solar helps you calculate this load. With this information and along with details of your average daily usage, Tata Power Solar can recommend the most appropriate solar system for you.
No. Car batteries are not suitable. Only batteries designed for repeated cycling (the partial discharge of a battery and then recharging it to full charge) are suitable for use in a Solar System. Cycling, in a Solar System, occurs during nights, when the battery is discharged without any solar charge getting into it. During the day, the solar modules charge the batteries again.
Yes, you need cables of larger diameter than the standard cable. These are useful in avoiding voltage drops. Tata BP Solar can advise you on the same. Some systems, like the Jugnu MiniLite Kit, Tatadeep Solar Lantern, Margadeep Street Lighting and Udyandeep Garden Lights come complete with cables and accessories.
Yes, Solar Systems are very versatile and can be designed for both DC and AC Appliances. You also have the option of converting them at a later date.
You definitely can. Solar Systems from Tata BP Solar are designed to grow with your needs. You will simply have to add additional Solar Modules and Batteries as required. In some cases, a larger Regulator may be needed. But the good news is that the Regulator is the cheapest component in the whole system.
As each Solar System is individually calculated for specific requirements, the cost would vary depending upon the number of Solar Modules and Batteries needed. These can be worked out. Rest assured that Solar Systems from Tata BP Solar provide you the best value for your money.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.
Increasingly, the world over, people are making a transition from conventional energy sources to Solar Power because they find it is more efficient, more economical and much, much more environment-friendly. Solar Power is as reliable as the Sun: no power cuts, no black outs, no voltage fluctuations.
It pays for itself in the long run. After the initial one-time investment on the Solar System, the power is free! In fact, the savings on your electricity bills will ensure that your initial investment on the Solar System is recovered in a few years.What’s more, you need have no worries about rising power tariffs and their effect on your monthly budget. Solar Power is 100% safe and 100% pollution-free. Conventional energy sources have done irreparable damage to our environment. Global warming is one of the greatest threats facing humanity and conventional energy is the main culprit in this phenomenon.
Another great advantage of Solar Power is that it provides you independent energy wherever you are. For instance, if you have a remote farmhouse where grid power is not available ,you can generate your own power, because the Sun is everywhere!

Safe Water Application

Reverse Osmosis is the reversal of the natural flow of osmosis. In a water purification system the goal is not to dilute the salt solution but to separate the pure water from the salt and other contaminants. When the natural osmotic flow is reversed, water from the salt solution is forced through the membrane in the opposite direction by application of pressure thus the term REVERSE OSMOSIS. Through this process, we are able to produce pure water by screening but the salts and other contaminants.
RO works by passing water through a semi-permeable membrane that separates the pure water into on stream and the salt water into another stream. The process is called “reverse osmosis” because it requires pressure to force pure water across a membrane, leaving the impurities behind.
Reverse osmosis system should be purchased by anyone who is concerned about the purity/quality, taste, or levels of dissolved minerals in their drinking water.
Reverse Osmosis system removes most of the toxins, bacteria, virus, suspended solids and dissolved chemicals from the water.
RO removes most of the minerals from the water however the mineral content in water is much less water. We get all the essential minerals from the food we eat-not the water we drink. So, the fact is RO removes all objectionable minerals from water which are responsible for the bad taste, saltiness and metallic taste in water.
Ordinary water filters use a screen to separate only particles. Of dirt sediments from water and aquagaurd-UV system uses a ultra violet lamp to deactivate the bacteria and viruses present in the water. Whereas, Reverse osmosis physically removes not only particles, but also minerals i.e. total dissolved solids (TDS from raw tap water.
Pentair Water's RO systems : 1) ISO 9001 Certified company
2) US $2. Billion MNC
3) Presence is over 50 countries
4) Most of the manufactured products conform to NSF 7 FDA Standards, USA
5) All products are backed by prompt and efficient after sales and service
Distilled water is boiled and the steam condensed for drinking water. Distilled water contains practically no minerals or dissolved solids, whereas RO water does contain trace amount of minerals and salts. Most people report RO as testing better than distilled water, which can taste flat. Distillers use electricity whereas RO’s work on line pressure from the household plumbing (Except for commercial and industrial RO Systems, which use pumps)and require no electricity.
Mineral Water which is made absolutely free from minerals or salts and then, minerals or salts are added in required proportion as per the standards i.e. BIS or WHO.
RO Water can not be called mineral water because the salts or minerals are not dosed in it but are maintained by the rejection level of particular membrane. RO WATER IS EQUIVALENT TO PACKAGED DRINKING WATER. RO.system removes approx. 90-95% of dissolved minerals and chemicals from the water and R.O. water then may taste like distilled water (no minerals) bottled water(low mineral), or natural spring water (moderate mineral content).
YES an RO system will worn on borewell water provided that you do not have high levels of Iron / arsenic in your water. Special problems such as Iron and hydrogen suffide / arsenic require addtional removal processes.
NO RO can not reove the sand iron in water, it required special pre-treatment for high sand iron contents. However, RO physically removes some amount of turbidity and physical impurities.