Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon is a natural product made from carbon, wood, or coconuts. An activated carbon filter can remove free chlorine, chloramide, chlorine dioxide, phenols, organic solvents, and pesticides. Carbon filtration has great capabilities in industry, breweries, waterworks, and wastewater treatment. Activated carbon water filtration systems are skid mounted, factory assembled, wired, and hydro-tested. Carbon adsorbers are delivered ready for installation.


Made with FRP / Composite Structural Pressure Vessels

Automatic Fleck filtration valves

All Major equipments like pressure vessels, valves manufactured in house


Highly effective at removing non-polar organic chemicals from water.

Applicable to a wide variety of organic compounds

Very effective at removing colors from waste streams.

Effective at removing low levels (ppb range) of inorganic pollutants.

Thermal regeneration of the carbon destroys the adsorbed waste solute.

Very flexible system allows rapid start-up and shut down as needed.

System can be designed so that it is portable, to be taken to waste sites.


Removal of colour, odour and impurities from utilities as well as drinking water for buildings and for light industrial applications

Pretreatment to other water treatement plants